Certified protection of the environment for generations to come.


Protects forests and wildlife

FSC® is the only forest certification system that protects rare and endangered forests and wildlife.

Protects community and worker’s rights

FSC® standard not only requires forest managers to consult with these social groups, but to provide fair compensation, protect their health, safety and livelihoods, and allow them to organize under international labor conventions.

Market acceptance

The North American and global marketplace recognize FSC® as the most credible and effective forest certification system in the world.

Transparency, accountability and independent verification

The FSC® has the largest, most diverse, most independent membership of any forest certification system in the world.


Part of living a healthy life is also protecting the environment for the generations to come. The Forest Stewardship Council® certification ensures that the wood used in hard surface floor coverings comes from responsibly managed forests that are evaluated to meet strict environmental and social standards.